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Take a moment to contemplate the fabulous world that Elena Vinyarskaya reveals to us through her curious and selective gaze.

Marine fauna

Subtle translucent layers are superimposed to give volume and color to the inhabitants of the fascinating world hidden in our sea. Framed and amplified with an attentive gaze, the paintings in the sample allow the viewer to discover details and subtleties that usually escape the gaze.

The technique used has not been chosen at random, as the fragility and purity of the marine fauna resembles the delicacy and the small margin of error that the watercolor technique requires.


The series People and Eyes is the result of an essay on the traits that characterize human factions. Special care has been taken in studying the proportions of the body, its interaction with natural light and subtle work when it comes to shadows, and how the gaze can concentrate and transmit so much information without being seemingly conscious.

An approximation has been made using different techniques ranging from charcoal to watercolor, to ink. A trait that shows the author’s changing interest in different aspects of the motives she has explored.

Formentera in Bloom

Formentera in Bloom is an artistic project that concentrates the author’s general interest in botany and the desire to discover the island through the flora that inhabits its different ecosystems.

The project has had the invaluable help of the biologist from Formentera Santiago Costa, who, with his deep knowledge of the different ecosystems, has guided the selection of the species that are part of the sample.

Contemplating this collection of works is like traversing the different landscapes of the island of Formentera, emphasizing the moments of maximum splendor of each species: its flowering.


Concise, precise, Immediate and revealing, Elena Vinyarskaya’s illustrations show another record that the author possesses for communicating and sharing stories, concerns, and moods in a fresh and inspiring way.


Elena Vinyarskaya was born in Brest (Belarus) on May 16th, 1989. In 2007 she moved to Minsk where she studied and obtained a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Minsk State University of Languages in 2012. She is also in the capital. Belarusian where he develops a transversal sensitivity for art concentrating a special interest in figurative painting, ballet, jazz, classical music, theater, and auteur cinema among other disciplines.

In early 2017 he established his home in Formentera and found the time and inspiration to develop his facet as an artist. Trained mainly on a self-taught basis, he has explored different techniques and motives as a mechanism for learning but also for personal manifestation.


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