Port de la Selva

Port de la Selva is a small coastal settlement in the northernmost part of the Costa Brava. The intervention is located on a plot of land in the «La Tamariua» urbanization on the north slope of Puig Gros, a small promontory that surrounds and protects the town’s port. The topography presents a pronounced slope towards […]

Es Pou

Es Pou «Es Pou de Can Marianet Barber» is a historical place name in the interior of the island of Formentera (Spain). A rural plot where several pre-existents condition the insertion of this small first residence in the territory. Among them, the network of centenarian dry stone walls stands out, as well as the organization […]

Fragments d’Arquitectura

Architecture Fragments Architecture Fragments is a project that was born tangent to the borders between different plastic arts, especially drawing, photography, painting, sculpture and architecture. Concrete paintings, plaster projections or dreamlike architectures. The works that make up this sample have been carried out between 2019 and 2020, paying tribute to the historical and contemporary architectural heritage […]

Ca l’Amo

Ca l’Amo. A house in Sant Mateu, Ibiza Ca l’Amo is a plot of 42,385 m2 located at the north end of the San Mateo plain on the island of Ibiza. In it there is an area of pronounced topography and fanned by stone walls that generate an iconic landscape of the countryside of Ibiza. […]

CENF · Formentera Water Sports Center

CENF · Formentera Water Sports Center The port of La Savina is the main point of access to Formentera island. Its important geographical location makes it the border between an urban area, the Mediterranean Sea and a saltwater lake which forms part of Ses Salines Natural Park. Giving protection to the open sea, this lake […]

D12 Collection

Our studio has developed a collection of framework structures, accessories and complementary items for diabla, a new brand of outdoor furniture from gandiablasco .  D12 includes simple and straightforward pieces supporting different elements and conceived for practical ends: shelves,  hangers, and tables. The pieces in the D12 collection came about from elements that were originally created for the Bosc d’en Pep […]

Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer

Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer is the traditional toponym of a large plot located next to the beach of Migjorn, on the south coast of the island of Formentera. This territory has a place that unleashes the desire to inhabit an oneiric view, where the horizon is only cut by the beautiful silhouette of the Pi […]

Torre des Pi des Català

The ‘Pi des Català’ Tower is one of the four defensive towers on the coast of  Formentera island. They were built between 1762 and 1763 and were used for defensive purposes and mainly for surveillance up to 1867.

It is a building with a circular sole of 12,56 meters of outside diameter in the base. It […]

Fossar Vell Sant Francesc

Sant Francesc Xavier’s old Cemetery was the last home for the local people of Formentera who inhabited the island between 1757 and 1938. It is a building of a slightly distorted square sole of 22 meters sideways delimited by a masonry wall two meters high. Its interior includes  five funeral chapels, an ossuary, a warehouse […]

Can Xomeu Rita

Can Xomeu Rita is a small dwelling that takes the name of the traditional place name of the interior of the island of Formentera where it is located. Its location in the territory responds to a space free of vegetation close to the field of wheat and oats existing in the plot, where the alignment […]

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