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EU Mies Award 22 Nominee

Very pleased to announce that our humble Es Pou project has been nominated for the EU Mies Award 2022! Many thanks to the international observers of @eumiesaward. Aquest reconeixement no hagués estat possible sense la dedicació, passió i convicció de Lorena Ruzafa, Toni 13, Agustín, Aaron, Carpintería Formentera, Marga Ferrer i molts altres que sumaren els seus esforços.

Ca l’Amo private house has been Selected at the XV Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (BEAU), accompanied by works of the highest level developed in the last three years by colleagues whom we admire. Our most sincere congratulations to all of them, finalists and selected, as well as to the excellent jury that has carried out this complicated task.

University of Navarra

Marià Castelló has been invited as professor of Oriented Design Studio II by the University of Architecture of Navarra together with PhD. Arch. César Azcárate during the second semester of the 2020-21 academic year. The 21 students in the 5th year of ETSAUN will develop a new concept of tourist equipment taking into account the singularities of  Formentera. 

Es Pou has been one of the finalist works in the XIX edition of the ASCER National Architecture Awards in the Interior Design category. The jury was chaired by Javier Villar Ruiz (Kengo Kuma & Associates) and had the participation of Izaskun Chinchilla, Jordi Ayala-Bril (Arquitectura-G), Daria de Seta (Garcés – de Seta – Bonet) and Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Best Architects 20 Award Winner

Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer  got the European Best Architects 20 Award.
An honor given the high quality of the rest of the winning buildings as well as for the composition of the jury of the fourteenth edition: Titus Bernhad  (Augsburg), Ünal Karamuk (Zürich) and Anna Popelka (Wien).

2017 FAD Awards Finalist

The Restoration of the Fossar Vell of Sant Francesc Xavier was Finalist on the 2017 FAD Awards in the category of City and Landscape. In this 59th edition, the jury  that was presided by Belén Moneo, with the participation of Judit Bustos, Ricardo Devesa, Jorge Figueira, María Langarita and Joan Olona.

2017 FAD Awards Selected

Can Xomeu Rita private house was Selected on the 2017 FAD Awards in the category of Architecture. In this 59th edition, the jury was presided by Belén Moneo, with the participation of Judit Bustos, Ricardo Devesa, Jorge Figueira, María Langarita and Joan Olona.

XIV BEAU Finalist

The intervention at Torre des Pi des Català was a Finalist in the XIV Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (BEAU). The XIV edition of the BEAU was directed by Sara de Giles Dubois and José Morales Sánchez under the title More living, more human.

2018 NAN Award Winner

Bosc d’en Pep Ferrer was Awarded with the National Spanish 2018 NAN Award. In its twelfth edition, Lluís Comerón i Graupera, president of the CSCAE, was in charge of chairing an exceptional jury made up of Rafael de La-Hoz, Carlos Ferrater, Ignacio García de Vinuesa, Jerónimo Junquera, Mark Fenwick, Teresa Batlle, Diego Rodríguez , Jose María Tomás-Llavador, Enrique Álvarez Sala, Tristán López-Chicheri, Jesús Aparicio and Patxi Mangado.

XIV BEAU Selected

Can Xomeu Rita was Selected in the XIV Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (BEAU) among the best works by the jury. The XIV edition of the BEAU was directed by Sara de Giles Dubois and José Morales Sánchez under the title More living, more human.

AADIPA's European Award Special Mention

The Restoration of  Torre des Pi des Català obtained a Special Mention  (2nd. Position) on the AADIPA’s 2017 European Award for Intervention in Architectural Heritage, in the Category of Intervention in built heritage. In this edition, the award was awarded to the Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker Prize winner for 2011. The jury was made up of Inês Vieira da Silva (Portugal), Ignacio Pedrosa (Spain) and Marc Aureli Santos (Spain).

Fragments d’Arquitectura is a project that was born tangent to the borders between different plastic arts, especially drawing, photography, painting, sculpture and architecture. The works that make up this exhibition were carried out between 2019 and 2020, paying tribute to the historical and contemporary architectural heritage of the island of Formentera. The result are pieces full of nuances and with great material uniformity, which enhances the duality necessary to conceive Architecture: hollow and full, inside and outside, light and shadow…

Recent Projects

Port de la Selva is a small coastal settlement in the northernmost part of the Costa Brava. The intervention is located on a plot of the «La Tamariua» urbanization on the northern slope of Puig Gros, a small promontory that surrounds and protects the town’s port. The topography has a steep slope towards the sea with abundant outcrop of porphyry, a dark and hard rock that characterizes the geology of volcanic origin of the place.

«Es Pou de Can Marianet Barber» is a historical place name in the interior of the island of Formentera, which also gives its name to the present intervention located next to it. In this rural parcel of generous dimensions, there are several pre-existents that condition the insertion of the small first residence in the territory. Among them, the network of dry stone walls that have manifested for centuries the structure of the property as well as the organization of crops stand out.

Ca l’Amo is a plot of 42,385 m2 located at the north end of the San Mateo plain on the island of Ibiza. In it there is an area of pronounced topography and fanned by stone walls that generate an iconic landscape of the countryside of Ibiza. Over time and the progressive abandonment of agricultural activities, the terraces have been ambushed and today it is a forest area where mainly pine and juniper coexist.

The port of La Savina is the main point of access to Formentera island. Its important geographical location makes it the border between an urban area, the Mediterranean Sea and a saltwater lake which forms part of Ses Salines Natural Park. Giving protection to the open sea, this lake has traditionally been used as a natural harbor to anchor small fishing boats. And, currently, the administration has deemed it suitable to house the CENF – Formentera Water Sports Center.

Estudio creado en 2002 en la isla de Formentera por el arquitecto Marià Castelló (1976). Durante este tiempo han colaborado diferentes profesionales, pero siempre como un taller de muy pequeño formato. Actualmente el equipo está integrado únicamente por dos arquitectos, tras la incorporación de Lorena Ruzafa en 2017.

La conexión vital con Formentera determinó el deseo de intervenir de manera consciente y significativa en su entorno. La riqueza del sustrato natural y arquitectónico que caracterizan a la isla, así como su belleza, austeridad, humildad y sinceridad, son valores que impregnan las obras que se conciben. Con este espíritu, el estudio se basa en un formato modesto y artesanal, capaz de desarrollar con mesura e intensidad un pequeño volumen de intervenciones al año.

De este modo se apuesta por un enfoque transversal que engloba múltiples disciplinas como patrimonio, paisaje, vivienda, equipamientos públicos, diseño de interiores y de producto, sostenibilidad, investigación y docencia.

La producción del estudio ha sido reconocida a nivel europeo al ser finalista del Premio Europeo de Intervención en el Patrimonio Arquitectónico (2017), finalista de la XIV Bienal de Arquitectura Española (2018), Finalista de los Premios FAD (2017), Ganador del premio nacional NAN (2018), ganador del Premio Europeo Best Architects ’20 (2019), Nominado al Premio Mies van der Rohe de la Unión Europea (2022), premio Ramon Llul de les Illes Balears (2023)… Numerosas publicaciones y exposiciones han difundido su trabajo a nivel internacional.


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